Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: TRON: Legacy

Grade: A

Kevin Flynn, the head of technology super giant Encom, disappeared over 20 years ago without a trace. His son, Sam, doesn’t want anything to do with the company that no longer resembles his father’s dreams. One day, an old friend of Kevin’s, asks Sam to go to the old arcade that his father once owned, as he got a mysterious page. When Sam goes to the arcade, he accidently gets sucked into another world, filled with menacing programs and dangerous gladiatorial games. Sam soon reconnects with his long lost father and discovers that he has been trapped in this beautiful, yet dangerous world all these years. Along with Quorra, a confidant of Kevin’s, father and son embark on a dangerous journey across the digital cyber world in order to stop a dangerous enemy from crossing over into the real world and possibly destroying it.

I know I’m probably going to upset some people with my first comment, but I don’t care. TRON: Legacy definitely improves on its predecessor, TRON, which, despite its status as a cult classic, is rather cheesy and boring. It brings back everyone’s favorite parts of the first one and includes some new stuff as well. This movie is fun and exciting to watch. Not to mention that this movie is probably the most visually stunning movie I’ve seen all year. The effects allow the cyber world in this one to look far more advanced than that of the original; thankfully they do have a valid explanation of this. The story was written well, allowing this movie to be more than just a special effects vehicle. The light-cycle and disc battles were really fun and were quite nostalgic to watch. Although I do think it is funny that Disney has buried the original, you can’t find it anywhere, because they are kind of embarrassed by it and don’t want people to be possibly turned away from seeing the new one, but then they make reference to it in this movie and mention some things that, unless you’ve seen the original, you won’t really get.

One of the best parts of TRON: Legacy is the music. Disney managed to get the perfect score for this movie by getting electronic music duo Daft Punk. They did an amazing job with the score for this movie. On top of their type of electronic music fitting the movie perfectly, it is actually one of the best overall scores of the year, it’s in the top three of the year in my opinion.

Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart, The Big Lebowski) plays the roles of Kevin Flynn and, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Clu 2.0. It was great to see Bridges reprise these roles. He plays Kevin Flynn at his current age, and does a great job at that, and with the help of visual effects he plays Clu at 20 years younger. It was kind of interesting because this means that he plays both a hero and the villain of the movie. He did an amazing job with both parts and it was great to watch. Garrett Hedlund (Death Sentence, Eragon) plays Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn. He did really good job in this movie and helped make this movie as enjoyable as it is. The movie also features performances by Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, Beau Garrett and Michael Sheen.

TRON: Legacy is an incredibly fun movie to watch and I can’t wait to see it again. It is written well enough that you don’t have to have seen the original in order to watch this, although it can make it more fun. This is one of the few movies that I do believe is well worth seeing in IMAX 3D. The 3D is actually really good and the movie has variable aspect ratios when viewed on IMAX.

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