Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: Morning Glory

Grade: A-

Becky Fuller has a very busy life as a producer on a morning television program in New Jersey. However, one day she is let go so they can bring in a more experienced executive producer. Not willing to give up her dream of one day working on the Today Show, Becky applies for every morning show in the area. Finally, she lands a job as an executive producer on a struggling morning show called Day Break. She immediately starts to make changes to the show including bringing on a veteran news anchor as a co-host. However, everyone is still clashing on the show and things are beginning to look worse than ever. As tension mounts on the set, Becky gives it her all in order to try to save the show from being cancelled.

Watching the trailers for Morning Glory, my expectations were pretty low. I had a feeling it was going to be a bit chick flicky and focus on her trying to find a relationship. I am glad that this movie really surprised me. It is genuinely funny and has a great story and characters you can get behind. The romance aspect is actually in the background and is a very small part of the movie. This movie is more of great, feel good comedy. The movie mostly focuses on her trying to pull everything together in the chaos that is Day Break, and make a morning show that people will actually want to watch. The writing was great and a lot of the dialogue was genuinely good and funny.

Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes, Wedding Crashers) plays the lead role of Becky Fuller. McAdams was great in this movie and really managed to handle the quick and sometimes frantic dialogue really well. This is one of her better performances, in my opinion, and she keeps getting better as an actress. Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, The Fugitive) plays Mike Pomeroy, a veteran news anchor. Ford was great in this movie and played his role well, but there were parts in the movie where he was talking like Christian Bale does in Dark Knight, really gravely for some reason. Other than that, Ford was very enjoyable in this movie. Diane Keaton (Because I Said So, Something’s Gotta Give) plays Colleen Peck, a staple of Day Break, as she has been there longer than anybody else. Keaton was very enjoyable in this movie and was pretty funny at times as well. One of the best parts of the movie would be the squabbling and back and forth bickering between her and Ford. There were a couple a couple moments where I kept expecting Ford to blurt out “Jane, you ignorant slut.” The cast also includes Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson and more.

Morning Glory is a surprisingly good, fun, funny and enjoyable movie. I do highly recommend this movie, it is one of the better feel good comedies of the year. Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford are great together and all of the dialogue is great.

Great quote: “Are you going to sing?”

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