Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Please Give

Grade: B

Kate and her husband Alex own a unique, antique-like store. In order to get the furniture and items, they go to the apartments and houses of the recently deceased and scour the place for anything they can buy cheap and sell at an increased price in their store. On top of that, they are currently butting heads with their 91 year old neighbor, who they are waiting for her to die, so they can expand their apartment. That neighbor has two granddaughters, Rebecca and Mary. Rebecca is a radiologist who spends all of her free time taking care of her bitter grandmother. Mary is a self obsessed beautician who really doesn’t care about her grandma and is kind of looking forward to her death. As all these characters lives meet, many problems start to arise including love, money and Kate’s struggle with ethics and morality.

This dark comedy is pretty charming. It has a great cast. Catherine Keener (The Soloist, 40 Year Old Virgin) plays the role of Katy. Keener did a fantastic job with this role portraying this woman who is questioning whether or not she is a good person and tries to volunteer at a couple different places to feel better. Oliver Platt (2012, Frost/Nixon) plays Kate’s husband, Alex. Alex is very easy going and doesn’t mind the business he’s in at all, but when he meets Mary, he begins to become attracted to her and starts to stray. Platt did a great job with this role and was very enjoyable as usual. Rebecca Hall (Vicky Christina Barcelona, The Prestige) plays Rebecca, the granddaughter of a bitter 91 year old woman who doesn’t seem to appreciate all her work. She did a really good job with this role and did was fun to watch in the parts where she finally starts getting interested in a guy and goes on some dates with him. Amana Peet (2012, Martian Child) plays self obsessed and out spoken Mary. Peet was great with this role and was very enjoyable to watch.

This movie is a dark comedy and therefore while it’s not always laugh out loud funny it is pretty entertaining and funny at times. The writing is very good in my opinion and makes this movie worth checking out. The movie deals with some pretty interesting issues and shows how some people would deal with those issues. I actually do recommend checking this out whenever you can. I really liked it but to be honest it could easily wait to rent when it comes out on DVD.

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