Friday, June 4, 2010

Review: Get Him to the Greek

Grade: B+

Aaron is an intern at a big record company. When his boss has a staff meeting one day to try to come up with ideas to boost slowing record sales, Aaron comes up with the idea to do a tenth anniversary concert at the famous Greek Theater in LA with his favorite musician, Aldous Snow. When his boss, Sergio Roma, surprisingly agrees to the crazy idea, Sergio puts the task of getting the out of control rock star from his home in London to the Greek Theater in three days, in Aaron’s hands. Aaron is excited with the task until he actually tries to accomplish it. Sergio has demanded that Aaron not let the musician get too out of control before the concert, which turns out to be an almost impossible task as the rocker doesn’t listen to anybody and does whatever he wants.

This movie is actually a spin-off of the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, not many people have caught on to that. This movie actually excited me because the character of Aldous Snow, as played brilliantly by Russell Brand (Bedtime Stories, St. Trinian’s), was the only part of Marshall that I found funny. This movie was absolutely hilarious as it mocked the stereotypical rock star lifestyle. Jonah Hill (Funny People, Superbad) plays the role of Aaron and he was Very funny. It was kind of an odd couple type movie as Aaron is somewhat up tight and anal, but still is willing to let loose a little bit, and Aldous is, of course, an out of control, balls to the wall, drug taking, over drinking rock star. The two were hilarious together and played off each other really well.

However, some of the funniest parts of the movie came from the supporting cast. Sean “Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy” Combs played Sergio Roma. Combs was surprisingly hilarious and delivered some of the finniest parts of the movie. I seriously couldn’t believe half of the stuff that Combs seemed willing to do with the role. Rose Byrne (Knowing, Sunshine) plays Snow’s old flame and fellow music artist, Jackie Q. Byrne was hilarious is most of her scenes but some of the better stuff came from the songs that she performed as her character. Elizabeth Moss (TVs Mad Men) plays Aarons girlfriend, Daphne. Moss was great in her role, she plays a doctor who is just exhausted most of the time and her delivery of her lines with Hill is just so funny. The biggest surprise of all, to me, was the appearance of Lars Ulrich, drummer for Metallica. Ulrich wasn’t in the movie much but it was great seeing him interact with Brand’s character, really funny stuff. The movie is loaded with random appearances of rock stars and actors, so keep your eye out for those. Also, the soundtrack for the movie is great as it is mostly comprised of songs by the fake band, Infant Sorrow, which Aldous Snow heads. The songs are extremely funny as they tend to be loaded with double entendres.

This movie was really funny and a lot of fun to watch. If you like comedies and if you liked Russell Brand’s character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, go see this movie, it is well worth it.

Great quote: “Why isn’t anybody answering their phone!? I’m answering my phone and I just got hit by a motherf***ing car!”

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