Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: Post Grad

Grade: C

Post Grad is a movie that tells a very familiar story. Ryden Malby has worked very hard for most of her life working on her plan. Step one, get great grades in high school so that she can get a great scholarship. Two, go to a good college. Three, get great grades in college. Lastly, four, get a job at a great publishing company. Well, she's done steps one through three and is now working on four but she doesn't get the initial job she wants. Then, despite having a college degree, she can't find a job anywhere. The movie is all based on the similar experience I know that most college grads go through: They graduate from college and get the degree they are supposed to but when they go to go find a job so many other people have just done the same thing that there are no jobs available, at least any you want.

Alexis Bledel (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Sin City) plays the main character, Ryden. She is a very smart and ambitious girl who aced high school, did great at a good college and is a big time book nerd. If this sounds familiar it should. This is basically the exact same character as her character Rory Gilmore from the TV show Gilmore Girls. In fact, this movie is basically Gilmore Girls the movie, except Lauren Graham isn't playing her mom and it takes place on the west coast.

Michael Keaton (Batman, Beetlejuice) played Ryden's father. It was nice to see him in something as I haven't seen him in anything in close to a decade I think. He was pretty good and very funny at times. Jane Lynch (Role Models, 40 Year Old Virgin) plays Ryden's mother. She is great and pretty funny as always. Carol Burnett played Ryden's grandmother. Burnett was hilarious as always and it was great to see her in something as well. The movie also featured Zack Gilford as a Duckie type character, the friend who wants to (and should) be more than a friend. Catherine Reitman played Jessica Bard, who is Ryden's "own personal Darth Vader". Reitman is probably one of the biggest, if not just the biggest, over actor I think I've ever seen. The movie also had appearances from J.K. Simmons, Craig Robinson and Rodrigo Santoro.

This movie was actually pretty decent. It had it's moments where it was very honest and the story was actually pretty good, it also had it's moments where it was kind of funny. However, it really wasn't great and is a pretty by the book movie, very predictable. If your looking for some cheap entertainment check this one out.
Great quote: "What do I have to do to get you in one of my coffins today?"

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