Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review: Halloween II

Grade: B-

Halloween II is the sequel to the remake of Halloween made in 2007. This sequel picks up right at the end of the events in Halloween. Lorie Strode has shot and killed Michael Myers and is taken to the hospital to treat her wounds. Her friend, Annie, had survived the attacks from the first movie as well. After picking up Michael Myers body, the coroners are on their way to the morgue when they get into an accident. At this point, Myers comes back to life and disappears. It is now a year later. Lorie Strode continuously has nightmares about Michael Myers, is in therapy for this problem and is living with her friend Annie and her dad, who is the town sheriff. Michael is now on his way back to have a sort of "family reunion" as his hallucinations of his mother keep telling him. Also, thanks to Dr. Loomis' book, Lorie discovers that she is Michael Myers' sister and is now trying to deal with that piece of information.

Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween in 2007 was really good to me. I liked the fact that he made Michael Myers an actual person. To me it makes it more terrifying, the fact that Michael was just some boy who snapped. His follow up was less than great. It seemed to follow a relatively typical slasher storyline. The kills were far less than the first movie and less interesting. The hallucination scenes were confusing and dizzying at times. However, I really liked Zombie's idea of showing how Lorie is coping with the fact that most of the people she was close to were killed by this monster, then on top of that, when she finds out that she is Michael Myers sister, it was interesting showing how she dealt with that fact. I, unlike most people apparently, liked the fact that Michael Myers didn't always wear the mask. He had it on most of the time but he only put it on when he was going to kill people. Really kept to the double personality that Zombie set up in the first movie.

Scout Taylor-Compton played Lorie Strode again for this movie. I feel that she did a pretty good job at portraying the different aspects of the character. Malcolm McDowell is back as Dr. Samuel Loomis. Granted, Loomis wasn't the greatest of people in the first one, but in Halloween II he is absolute scum. All he cares about is money and selling his book. He also keeps yelling at people who believe Michael Myers is still alive as his body was never recovered. McDowell is great in this role and really helped make the movie.

If you are a horror movie fan, a fan of the series or a fan of Rob Zombie's directorial work then you will probably enjoy this movie. For me, while I really enjoyed the first one, this one was a little sub-par, but still good and enjoyable.

Great Quote: "If I want your opinion, I will beat it out of you."

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