Tuesday, January 24, 2012

84th Oscar Nominations

Go to www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/84/nominees.html to see the complete list of nominations.

I just want to make a few comments about the nominations.

The Good:

First and foremost I would like to say that I am extremely happy that Melissa McCarthy got a best supporting actress nomination for Bridesmaids. Usually the Academy skips movies like Bridesmaids and she was the best part of that movie and it was one of my favorites of the year.

Bridesmaids was also nominated for best writing which is awesome.

Rooney Mara gets a much deserved Best Actress nomination.

Really glad that Jonah Hill was nominated Best Supporting Actor for Moneyball as that was a great performance and unlike anything he has done before.

Rango was by far the best Animated movie of the year, glad to see it's nomination and glad Cars 2 was not nominated.

Directing category looks pretty good this year. Lots of competition and I don't know at this time who I would pick to win this one.

Glad to see "Man or a Muppet" written by Bret McKenzie nominated for best original song. A bit surprised there are only 2 nominations in that category.

If for no other reason than the perfect/eerie sound of teeth scattering across the floor in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo does that movie deserve to win Best Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

9 movies for best picture this year and they all seem like quality movies.

I'm glad that comedies weren't completely ignored this year with 2 nominations going to Bridesmaids and 4 nominations, including Best Picture, going to Midnight in Paris.

The Bad/Snubs:

I cannot believe that 50/50 did not get ONE nomination. That movie was amazing and perfect in every way. Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserves a best actor nomination. It deserves a Best Writing nomination and, in my opinion, a Best Picture nomination.

Michael Parks should have gotten a nomination for Best Actor for his performance in Red State but I knew that movie would be ignored. It was the best and most chilling performance I think I've ever seen and even if you don't like the movie it is hard not to like that performance.

Albert Brooks should have gotten a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Drive.

I know it's a source of controversy but Andy Serkis was amazing as Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and should have gotten a nomination. It might not be his face but it is his performance.

Every year I insist on seeing every movie nominated for best picture and most years that is just fine. I have to say, I am really upset that I have to sit through War Horse this year. I was really hoping to avoid that.

Kind of surprised that given all of its other nominations that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo did not get a Best Picture nomination.

I also feel that We Bought a Zoo should have gotten some nominations. Best Writing in the very least.


Young Adult was completely overlooked. Patton Oswalt should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Charlize Theron for Best Actress. As well as possible nominations for Best Writing and Directing.

Lars Von Trier overlooked for Best Director.

Tilda Swinton should have been nominated for Let's Talk About Kevin.

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