Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Something Borrowed

Grade: D-

Rachel has always been a hard worker and has kept herself busy. So much so, that while in college, she let her best friend date a man whom she had strong feelings for. Four years later, her best friend, Darcy, is now engaged to that man, Dex. She is ok with it until one night she has a few drinks with him, they both express their old feelings for each other and end up sleeping with each other. Now Rachel is extremely conflicted because she doesn’t want to hurt her best friend’s feelings by causing them to cacel the wedding, however she wants nothing more than to be with Dex. Her best friend, Ethan, tries to help her make a decision while she and Dex do their best to keep their secret from the needy Darcy.

Something Borrowed is an extremely clichĂ©d romantic comedy. I went into this movie at least hoping that it might be somewhat decent and have a few laughs. Instead what I got was a movie I’ve seen a dozen times before with pretty bad writing and generally unlikable characters. To begin with, Darcy is one of the most obnoxious and self-centered people ever, it’s a wonder why she and Rachel have stayed friends for so long. Darcy is beyond needy and extremely narcissistic. Dex is a rich douche bag who seems to have no problems cheating on his fiancĂ© and I for one had no clue as to why he would be engaged to someone like Darcy as they have nothing in common, he must just want a trophy wife. Rachel is pretty likeable except for the fact that she can’t seem to make a single decision for herself and also has no problem being part of wrecking her best friends relationship. Ethan is easily the most likeable character in the movie but I have a slight problem, not with him per se, rather with the movie’s ending. SPOILERS (I guess): Ethan and Rachel are best friends and clearly love each other very much. However, this movie is practically a remake of John Hughes “Pretty in Pink” because it is painfully obvious that Rachel should be with Ethan. There is even a point in the movie where this almost happens, but instead, Rachel is insistent on being with the rich douchebag pretty boy rather than the person she truly connects with.

Ginnifer Goodwin (He’s Just Not That Into You, TVs Big Love) plays the lead role of Rachel. Goodwin is pretty good and as I mentioned before, she is pretty likeable in the movie. Kate Hudson (Nine, Bride Wars) plays the role of Darcy. This is a very typical Kate Hudson role and I feel like I’ve seen her play this character a dozen times, very uninteresting. Colin Egglesfield plays the role of Dex. He was clearly hired for his looks (looks like Tom Cruise and Scott Wolf had a child who is tall) as he was not good at all. John Krasinski (Away We Go, TVs The Office) plays the role of Ethan. If it wasn’t for Krasinski, this movie would have been completely unbearable. He is consistently funny and charming throughout.

Something Borrowed brings absolutely nothing new to the table and is not entertaining at all. I can’t imagine too many people finding this movie enjoyable and I absolutely pity all those guys who are going to be dragged to this movie by their girlfriends, sorry fellas. Go ahead and pass on this movie.

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