Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Grade: B+

Dylan Dog works as a private investigator in the city of New Orleans. When a mysterious case comes up where the client claims that her father was killed by some kind of monster, probably a werewolf, it digs up his troubled past. In another life, Dylan Dog was chosen by the city’s underworld of werewolves, vampires and zombies to be an impartial investigator but things went sour at one point and he was forced to retire. However, after one of the creatures kills his best friend, Dylan decides to come out of retirement to find out who is behind the murders and why.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is based on a comic book of the same name, but I’ve never read it. Maybe that was a good thing, I don’t know. I completely enjoyed this movie. It is a great comedy/horror movie, although it does tend to lean more towards the comedy side. The characters are all great and really fun to watch. The werewolves and vampires, of course, don’t trust each other and are enemies currently at peace. The zombies, however, mostly stick to themselves and are just trying to get by under the radar, most are very timid working low end jobs. The story is really fun and even though it can be predictable at times, the turns it takes are still enjoyable to watch.

Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) plays the titular character of Dylan Dog. I really like Routh and would like to see him in more movies, and specifically, more movies like this. He handles the action sequences pretty well but he has surprisingly great comedic delivery. He was extremely good in this role and really made this movie what it is. Sam Huntington (Fanboys, Rolling Kansas) plays Dylan’s friend who becomes a zombie, Marcus. While he hasn’t done a lot, I have enjoyed most of his work as he is consistently funny and this movie was no exception. Anita Briem (Journey to the Center of the Earth) plays Elizabeth, Dylan’s client whose father was murdered. Briem was pretty good and enjoyable in the movie. The movie also stars Peter Stormare, Taye Diggs, Kurt Angle and more.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is a really fun, funny and enjoyable movie. If you love movies about werewolves, zombies and vampires that don’t sparkle, then go check this movie out. It tells a pretty good story and has a really fun take on the mythology of these creatures. It’s very funny and has some pretty decent action sequences.

Great quote: “You know what they say about werewolf hair, it never lies.”

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