Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Winter's Bone

Grade: B-

Deep in the backcountry of the Ozark Mountains, Ree lives with and takes care of her mother, who is depressed and distant, and her two younger siblings. Lately, dhe and her family have been living on hard times and have been short on cash. One day, an officer comes by and informs her that her father had posted bail by putting up the house and the land as collateral and if he doesn’t show up to court in a couple days Ree and her family will lose the house. So Ree decides to go find her father by navigating through the dangerous world of people her father worked with who make and sell crystal meth. Her uncle decides to help her uncover as much of the truth as possible.

Winter’s Bone is a slow moving but rather intense, at times, movie. This is actually one of the best “gangster” or “mob” movies that I’ve seen in a long time, even though the community this is involved in isn’t necessarily either of those. As soon as Ree starts to ask around about the whereabouts of her father she is met with rather hostile reactions. Most people just claimed to not know anything, even though they clearly did, others would become angry and use intimidation to get her out the door. It is definitely an interesting look into this world and it shows the lengths that some of these people would go through to protect one of their own.

Jennifer Lawrence plays the main role of Ree. It is clear why Lawrence is nominated for an Oscar for this performance. It is a great and fearless performance. She did an absolutely amazing job with this role and you really feel for her character. John Hawkes plays Teardrop, Ree’s uncle. Hawkes did a pretty good job with his role and was really great in the movie.

Winter’s Bone is an interesting look into a community that revolves around making crystal meth. It tells an interesting story and does a really effective job telling the story and building suspense. I can see why it was nominated for best picture.

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