Monday, September 7, 2009

Review: All About Steve

Grade: B+

All About Steve is a comedy about a woman, Mary Horowitz, who designs crosswords for a living. Mary isn't quite normal to most people. She is extremely intelligent and never really stops talking. On top of that, she wears thigh high red healed latex/rubber boots. Mary also is always working on designing crosswords that she never goes out and is single. One day her parents set her up on a blind date. When her date, Steve, shows up, Mary becomes completely infatuated with him. She scares Steve off, but doesn't realize this fact, and he tells her he has to go to work. Steve is a camera man for a news network. Mary then decides to follow Steve across the country as he goes from news event to news event, trying to tell him she loves him.

This movie was actually a bit of a surprise to me. Based on the trailers and and other advertising, this movie looked pretty stupid to me. I was wrong, this movie is actually very good, it's funny and sweet and kind of inspiring. The writing was actually pretty good and it had a nice ending that was actually a little surprising.

Sandra Bullock (The Proposal, Speed) plays the eccentric Mary Magdalene Howowitz (I thought the full name was genius). Bullock does very well in comedies and this role was a little different than her usual things. Mary is extremely hyper and just out there and Bullock pulled it all off so well. Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, Yes Man) plays Steve, the camera man who is actually kind of scared of Mary for part of the movie. Cooper is becoming quite the movie star lately and rightfully so, he's very funny and has great delivery. Thomas Haden Church (Spider-man 3, Sideways) plays news reporter and self obsessed Hugh Hartman. Haden Church is hilarious as always in this movie as he keeps telling Mary that Steve does actually love her but is to afraid to admit it. Haden Church had me laughing through the whole movie.

Like I said, this movie is actually very good. I definitely recommend everybody go out and try to see this movie. It's very funny and very sweet and I like the fact that it manages to put out a great message at the end. It's one of those instances where the trailers don't quite capture the essence of the movie properly. Really the only problem I have with the movie is this constant trend lately to hook up Sandra Bullock with guys half her age.

Great quote: "You rest those pretty mouth pillows, you're gonna need them for later."

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