Thursday, September 10, 2009

Review: 9

Grade: A-

9 takes place in a future, post-apocalyptic world where no humans exist anymore. It shows that humans had created an intelligent machine to help make other machines which was, of course, used for military reasons. The machine, and all the other machines it made, turned on the humans and over time ended up wiping out all human existence. Towards the end of human life, A scientist transferred his mind into 9 sack doll/robots. The last one, 9, has decided to take it upon himself to rescue 2 from "the Beast", one of the Machine's hunters. In the process of rescuing 2, they accidentally resurrect The Machine. All nine of the sack dolls must now work together to destroy the Machine.

This movie was amazing and fun to watch, but it's one of those movies I just have to wonder how they pitched it to a movie studio and what made the movie studio agree to allow them to make it. The premise of the movie is that every last human in the world is DEAD. The only things left are one last machine hunter called the Beast and these nine mechanical sack dolls. The planet looks like it couldn't even sustain life anymore. It's really depressing when you think about it but the movie truly was fantastic.

The visuals of this movie were great. It is an animated movie and the animation looked beautiful. The interesting thing was it looked like this war between humans and machines took place in the 40's and 50's. They never say, but I think it took place in France, or somewhere in Europe. Everything just looked so good and you can see some of Tim Burton's influence in the design of some of the characters.

The voice cast for this movie was really good. Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings, Happy Feet) does the voice of 9, the main character of the movie. He did a pretty good job of it. Christopher Plummer (Up, Inside Man) did the voice of 1. Martin Landau did the voice of 2. 3 and 4 were silent. John C. Reilly did the voice of 5. Crispin Glover did the voice of 6. Jennifer Connelly did the voice of 7 and Fred Tatasciore did the voice of 8.

This movie is great and could easily be enjoyed by anyone but if you are a fan of stuff like Nightmare Before Christmas and other movies like that, you will probably love this movie. The story and plot were great, even though when you think about it the ending is still depressing. Go out and see 9, it will blow you away.

Great quote: "Sometimes fear is the appropriate response."

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