Monday, July 27, 2009

Review: I Love You, Beth Cooper

Grade: C

I Love You, Beth Cooper is a movie about a boy, Dennis Cooverman, who is the valedictorian of his graduating class who, at his graduation, decides to give a slightly offensive speech about some of his classmates and also decides to proclaim his love for Beth Cooper, the prettiest girl in school. Has he ever talked to her, no, but he’s apparently sat behind her in almost every class since 7th grade. She does actually talk to him after the ceremony and he invites her to his party he and his friend are having at his house. Much to his surprise she actually shows up with two of her friends. Shortly thereafter, her boyfriend shows up and, of course, threatens to kill him. The rest of the movie is one adventure after another all the while Dennis and Beth get to know each other a little better.

This movie wasn’t all bad but it wasn’t really all that good either. The concept is nice and it has its moments where it’s genuinely honest and at times can even pass as sweet. There are moments where Beth realizes that Dennis isn’t a total weirdo like she thought and where Dennis realizes Beth isn’t this sweet girl he somehow thought she was. This movie will unfortunately give false hope to many geeks, nerds and overall unattractive guys everywhere. No girl, especially one that looks like Beth Cooper, would ever let something as embarrassing as the nerdiest guy in school proclaiming his love for her in front of the whole school, much less actually show up to his party and even less actually continue to hang out with him for the rest of the night. I hate to say it, but that’s the truth. This movie would never happen in real life.

Relative new comer Paul Rust plays Dennis Cooverman, he did an alright job as the quirky, nerdy guy but overall, not a good actor. Also, once he gets too old to play the odd high school/college student I really don’t think he’ll have a career. Hayden Panettiere (TVs Heroes) plays the titular Beth Cooper. She did a pretty decent job portraying the typical high school cheerleader who is afraid to leave high school because she thinks that those really are the best years of her life. She did a pretty good job portraying all the different aspects of her character. Relative new comer Jack Carpenter plays Dennis’ best friend Rich and did a good job with that. Lauren Storm and Lauren London play Beth’s friends. Shawn Roberts plays Beth boyfriend and does a good job playing roid-rage. Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) plays Dennis’ father who should get an award for father of the year.

This movie was alright, probably not worth rushing to the theater to see but might be a good rent if you want a cheap laugh and some entertainment.

Great quote: “You’re not alive unless your living.”

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