Sunday, July 19, 2009

Review: Bruno

Grade: F-

Bruno is Sasha Baron Cohen's follow up to his first movie, Borat, the worst movie ever made. Bruno follows Cohen's "gay fashionista" character Bruno as he tries to show how absurd the fashion business is by setting up scripted interviews. The whole movie is apparently setup interview after setup scripted interview where we watch as Cohen "shocks" his "unsuspecting" interviewees. He makes a couple outrageous remarks that are meant to cause chock and maybe a little horror. This caries on for close to an hour and a half.

I have nothing to say about this movie as I don't want to give it anymore attention than it should ever have. I only saw the first 30 minutes before deciding there were better things I could be doing with my time like watching professional poker on TV, stabbing myself in the leg with a rusty spoon or even doing headstands until I become lightheaded and pass out. I recommend everybody with a brain and soul stay as far away from this piece of garbage as possible.

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