Monday, November 21, 2011

Podcast: Episode 29

Head over to to hear the latest episode of Shut Up! The Movie's Starting, the official podcast of Cucu for Movies.

In this episode Michael and Russell don’t see any new movies in theaters (because you couldn’t pay them enough to sit through Twilight and neither have interest in Happy Feet 2) but they do discuss the classic Death Becomes Her (Available on Netflix Streaming). The two also discuss Fargo, Spaceballs, Gremlins, Never Let Me Go, Little Shop of Horrors, You’ve Got Mail and other movies. They also ramble on about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, Metalocalypse, Trains, Rewatching movies you didn’t like when you were younger and enjoying them now, Stephen Dorff, I think I’m gonna barf and so much more in our shortest episode yet!!! Enjoy!

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