Monday, September 19, 2011

Full Review: Drive

Grade: A

A quiet man who lives by himself works as a mechanic and a part-time Hollywood stunt driver also moonlights as a wheelman for robberies. One day he meets his new neighbor, Irene, in his apartment building and quickly becomes friends with her and her son, Benicio. When Irene’s husband, Standard, is released from jail, he still has a mob family seeking him for some money in order to let him finally leave the business. He asks the driver for his help and they work out a deal with the people looking for Standard. However, when things go sour on this final job, the driver seeks out all the people in order to set things right.

Drive is a very well made and interesting movie. It is very artistically done and looks great because of it. I really appreciate it when movies make bold steps like this these days. Most movies these days aren’t really willing to allow long pauses in the dialogue and have entire scenes with virtually no dialogue. The story is pretty interesting and you think that it’s heading in one direction when suddenly it takes a drastic turn. Also, and kind of as a warning, the violence in the movie is really graphic and realistic. Overall, this is a slower moving movie but is well worth it. The few action scenes that are in this movie are really tense and exciting to watch.

Ryan Gosling (Crazy Stupid Love, Blue Valentine) plays the lead role of the unnamed driver. I used to be pretty hesitant about seeing movies with him in them but I have definitely come to realize that given the right role, he can really shine, given that I would like to say that he was exceptionally good in this role. Carey Mulligan (Never Let Me Go, An Education) plays the role of Irene, his neighbor. She was pretty good in this movie and really fit the role well. Bryan Cranston (Contagion, TVs Breaking Bad) plays the role of Shannon, the driver’s boss at the mechanic shop and his only friend. Cranston was great in this role and I’m really excited to see him getting more roles like this. Drive also features great performance from Albert Brooks (who I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some award nominations off this role), Oscar Isaac, Ron Pearlman, Christina Hendricks and more.

Drive is a very interesting and well-made heist movie that takes an artistic look at the genre. It is not the quickest paced movie but is well worth a watch. This movie is fantastic and loaded with great performances and a story that, despite its slower pace, keeps you griped to the edge of your seat. I have to say, given most of the other movies coming out this time of year, this is probably most worth your time and money right now. I would not be surprised if this movie gets some award nominations during award season.

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