Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Arthur

Grade: A-

Arthur Bach is the sole heir to a billion dollar family fortune and is poised to take over the family business in the coming years. The problem is that he is still a bit of a man-child with a bit of a drinking problem. Arthur likes to gallivant around town while frivolously spending money anyway that he wants. He is also constantly throwing parties at his house all while being watched and monitored by Hobson, his nanny who has raised him since he was little. Arthur’s mother, Vivienne, is afraid of what will happen if he takes over the company, so she comes up with a plan; Arthur must marry Susan Johnson, a business savvy woman who could take over the company once she has the Bach name. If Arthur doesn’t agree, he loses access to the family money. He decides to go along with it until he meets Naomi, a free-spirited woman who begins to change Arthur for the better.

Arthur is, of course, a remake of the great movie of the same name that stared the great Dudley Moore. Now, I am usually against remakes like this; remakes of movies that aren’t that old and are somewhat timeless and don’t need updates. However, the trailers had me intrigued and laughing. I have to say, this movie is one of those rare remakes that manages to be just as good as the original. The writing was great and I was laughing through the whole movie. They didn’t change the story nor did they really change the characters. I was afraid that they would get rid of Arthur’s drinking problem for this remake but was glad to see that they didn’t. I honestly enjoy this movie just as much as I enjoy the original. This remake manages to be just as funny, if not a little funnier, and has a great cast that makes it all worthwhile.

Russell Brand (Get Him to the Greek, Bedtime Stories) plays the titular role of Arthur. I have had the feeling that Brand could be the next Dudley Moore since I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and he was by far the best (and only good) part of that movie. He is consistently funny and pulls this role off perfectly. His portrayal of a drunk playboy billionaire is great and will have you laughing the entire movie, he is the main reason I was convinced to give this remake a try. Helen Mirren (RED, The Last Station) plays the role of Hobson. Miirren was the second reason I was willing to give this movie a try. She is perfect as Hobson.. She really manages to make the role her own and really helps draw you into the movie. Jennifer Garner (Valentine’s Day, Juno) plays the role of Susan, the woman Arthur is being forced to marry. Garner is very entertaining and pretty funny too in this movie. Greta Gerwig (No Strings Attached, Greenberg) plays the role of Naomi, the woman Arthur actually falls in love with. She is recently becoming a somewhat bigger actress appearing in more movies and I end up liking her more and more with every role. She was great in this movie and I definitely enjoyed her more than Liza Minnelli in the original. The movie also stars Luis Guzman, Geraldine James, Nick Nolte and more.

Arthur is one of the very few remakes that actually lives up to the original. It is an extremely funny and enjoyable movie to watch. I really have to recommend this movie to everyone> If you’ve seen the original or if you haven’t I think you will enjoy this movie.

Great quote: “I don’t consider it idiocy, I think of it as being a savant while cheating death with fun.”

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