Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review: The Town

Grade: A+

In Boston, the blue-collar neighborhood of Charleston is widely regarded as the bank robbing capitol of the world. Doug is the leader of a group of bank robbers, he is the brains of the operation and has planned many successful robberies, but he knows his luck will not last forever and is looking for a change in his life. During one of their bank robberies, Doug forced the bank manager, Claire, to open the safe, he then took her hostage to use as leverage during their getaway. When the group finds out she lives within blocks of the gang, Doug is tasked with keeping an eye on her to make sure she won’t be a problem and won’t be able to identify them. However, while doing that he forms a relationship with Claire and forms strong feelings about her. As Doug is forced to plan one last big job, his relationship with Claire takes them both down a perilous path.

This movie actually took me by surprise. After watching the trailer, I was afraid that it had given too much away but I was wrong. The story is actually really good and the different twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat. Director and star of the movie, Ben Affleck (Extract, Daredevil) also co-wrote the movie and did a really good job. The writing was really good, in my opinion, and the suspense of the movie and the relationships between the characters was great. Not to mention that Affleck’s performance in the movie was top notch, one of the best of his career. I’m not usually a huge fan of Affleck’s more dramatic role but his performance in this movie really surprised me, Affleck is back and in top form.

The movie also stars Jon Hamm (The Day the Earth Stood Still, TVs Mad Men) as Adam Frawley, an FBI agent who is desperately trying to find Doug’s group of bank robbers. Hamm is really beginning to prove himself more and more as a talented actor who could take over the movies if and when Mad Men ends. Rebecca Hall (Please Give, Vicky Christina Barcelona) plays Claire, the bank manager who Doug falls for after taking hostage. She did a great job with her role and I hope to see her start showing up in bigger roles like this soon. Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker, 28 Weeks Later) plays James, Doug’s closest friend and right hand man in the group. Renner gave an amazing performance in this movie, doing such a great job showing his instability and the fact that the only person he is close with is Doug. The movie also features great performances by Blake Lively, Pete Postlethwaite, Chris Cooper, Titus Welliver and more.

The Town is a great movie filled with drama and suspense about a man seeking redemption. I have to recommend this movie to anyone looking for a quality movie to watch. Just great and well worth watching.

Great quote: “I’ll see you around, this side or the other.”

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