Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review: She's Out of My League

Grade: A-

Kirk is just a lowly security guard at an airport in Pennsylvania. One day, Molly came through his line at work and while every other guard was trying to keep her around as long as possible, Kirk quickly came over and saved her by letting her through security finally. Then, Kirk finds her phone that she forgot in her rush and she asks him to hold on to it. When she gets back into town she invites him to an event that she planned, so he could return her phone to her. Molly begins to like Kirk when she realizes that he is very kind and honest and that he isn’t like other men that she’s dated in the past. However, Kirk is very insecure and becomes quickly convinced that she is too hot for him and that she will dump him as soon as she realizes this. Both Kirk and Molly try to fight the odds and make their relationship work.

This movie turned out to be really good and really funny. I really liked how this movie played out, I was looking forward to seeing it and it really exceeded my expectations. The story is actually very sweet and the humor tends to stay away from raunch for the most part. A truly surprising movie and already a contender for one of the best comedies of the year. I am so glad to see that the studios are beginning to trust in R rated comedies again. While, like I said, the movie’s humor does tend to stay away from raunch, there are many aspects of it that if it was turned PG-13 it wouldn’t have been nearly as good or as funny.

Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up) plays the main role of Kirk, a slightly nerdy guy with very little self confidence. He did a fantastic job with the role, every time I see him in a movie it seems as though he just keeps getting better and funnier. Relative new comer Alice Eve (Crossing Over) plays the role of Molly, the extremely beautiful event planner. Eve did a wonderful job and it almost seems as though this role were tailor made for her. The movie also features great, and funny, performance from T.J. Miller, Mike Vogel, Krysten Ritter, Lindsay Sloane, Nate Torrence, Debra Jo Rupp and more.

If you are looking for a great romantic-ish comedy, this is the movie to see. It is extremely funny from start to finish and at the same time it has a very enjoyable story and is very sweet. I definitely enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would and actually really want to see it again. I really can’t recommend seeing this movie enough.

Great quote: “Wait, she kissed you? With her actual mouth? And meant to?”

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