Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review: Pink Panther 2

Grade: C+

The Pink Panther movies have always been classics and I loved the re imagining of the series with Steve Martin back in 2006 so I was kind of excited to see this sequel. In this movie, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, played by Steve Martin, has been working outside of the museum the Pink Panther diamond is kept on display, writing parking tickets for six months. This is an assignment that Chief Inspector Dryfus, played by John Cleese, put him on to get him out of his hair. Now, Chief Inspector Dryfus has been asked to assign Inspector Clouseau to a “dream team” of international detectives to track down and capture a thief known as “the Tornado” who has been stealing historic artifacts from around the world. As he predicted, as soon as Clouseau leaves Paris, the Pink Panther Diamond is stolen by the Tornado and he must now once again, find and save the priceless diamond.

This movie had an all star cast that helped make this movie just as funny as the 2006 Pink Panther. This includes the return of Jean Reno as Ponton and Emily Mortimer as Nicole. Also, John Cleese joins the cast as Chief Inspector Dryfus, Andy Garcia joins as Italian detective Vicenzo, Alfred Molina joins as the English detective Pepperidge and Lily Tomlin as the etiquette teacher Mrs. Berenger. Great cast and a very funny movie. Steve Martin was great as the dim witted Clouseau delivering great physical humor to the role as well as some great lines. John Cleese was hilarious as always, Andy Garcia was entertaining as he tried to swoon Nicole and Alfred Molina was fantastic as the pompous Pepperidge, especially at the end, I won’t give it away.

Over all, this movie was well worth seeing if you like Steve Martin comedies. The story is great and the humor is nonstop. While this one is not quite as funny as the 2006 Pink Panther, it is still well worth watching.

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