Monday, January 19, 2009

Review: Gran Torino

Grade: A

Went to see this movie the other day not knowing much about it other than Clint Eastwood was in it and it had something to do with a car. I decided to see it because I like Clint Eastwood for the most part and kept hearing it was good. This movie is one of those instances though that the trailer for it doesn't accurately advertise the movie. The trailer made this movie look like a super serious movie about a man waring with his neighbors, because he's racist, and a local gang. Not quite the case.

To start, the first scene is at a funeral for Clint Eastwood's character, Walt, wife. So now he is alone and, yes, angry at the world. He barely knows sons and their families. He sees his grandchildren as disrespectful, which they are, one shows up to the funeral in a football jersey, the girl shows up in a belly shirt and a short skirt, and another is cracking jokes throughout the funeral. Then a family of Koreans move in next door, which Walt is none too thrilled about because yes, he is a bit racist and he fought in the Korean War. In that family there is a relativly young boy names Tao. Tao's cousin is in a gang and keeps trying to get Tao to "man up" by joining the gang. First they try to have Tao steel Walt's '72 Gran Torino, but Walt catches him in the act. Then the gang tries to get Tao to join the gang again and a fight breaks out at which point Walt runs outside with his rifle out yelling for everybody to get off his lawn. The family thanks him for "saving them and Tao", then Tao's mother makes him work for Walt in order to appologize for trying to steal his car.

This is where the movie really gets interesting. Walt begins to bond with the boy and, in turn, with Tao's family. The suprising thing is that this movie is really funny. Walt isn't being racist in the sense that he really hates these people and wants them gone, he just is used to the racial slurs he picked up fighting the war, which he uses all throughout the movie even to their faces. Great thing is they don't seem to care and still befriend him.

This movie is actually really kind of sweet and funny and inspirational. A fantastic, and perfect in it's own way, role for Clint Eastwood to finish off a magnificent career. This movie is a great way for an amazing actor to leave the business. This movie is probably now one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies, if not just my favorite. Great movie for all to see.

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